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Villa Kalysta is a breathtaking Spanish hacienda-style villa positioned right by the sea. The villa complex is 4,000 m2, fully landscaped in a way to ensure absolute privacy despite it's seafront location. The villa is sized at 260 m2, with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, and is a fully automated smart home. 

Key Info:

  • Year Constructed: 2017

  • Property Size: 4,000 m2

  • Building Size: 260 m2

  • Bedrooms: 5

  • Bathrooms: 6

Kalysta outside 3.11 rev.jpg
Kalysta veranda 2 rev.jpg
Kalysta BBQ 3 rev.jpg
Kalysta outside 2.1 rev.jpg
Kalysta dining 1 rev.jpg
Kalysta living 1 rev.jpg
Kalysta outside 3.6 rev.jpg
Kalysta outside 1.4 rev.jpg
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